GNU Name System


Variables in single quotes '...' can or must be changed according to your specific case.

lookup is the combination of the record_name of a GNS Record and the name of the zone (or identity):

type is the record_type of a GNS Record.

Error Response

An error response is sent in the JSON format: {"error":"*error_description*"}

Following numbers are added for references inside the documentation only.

Error descriptions are:

Nr. Error Description           - Explanation
1)  Unknown Error               - Error is not specified
2)  Record not found            - GNS record was not found, this is combined with the HTTP Error Code 404 Not Found

Error 1) is always possible and is not listed in following requests.


Name lookup

For this request record_type is optional. If missing or called with an invalid record_type, it will automatically be set to ANY.

The success response is a GNS Record without its record_name.

Title Return all records for given name
URL /gns/'lookup'?record_type='type'
Method GET
Data Params none
Success Response [{“value”: “value”, “record_type”: “type”, “expiration_time”: “time”, “flag”: flag},…]
Error Response {“error”:”error_desc”} 2


Title Get request options
URL /gns
URL Params none
Data Params none
Success Response  
Error Response none