Variables in single quotes '...' can or must be changed according to your specific case.

friend is to enable the optional friend information. It is either yes or can be left away.


A peer consists of an identifier and one or more addresses with expiration dates.

Peerinfo Response

The response of the peerinfo API is a JSON Array:

    "array": [

ìdentifier is a 52-character, alphanumeric identifier of the peer.

peer_address is one URI as string.

address_expiration is the date, when the address expires, e.g. “Wed Aug 1 10:00:00 2018”.

Error Response

An error response is sent in the JSON format: {"error":"*error_description*"}

Following numbers are added for references inside the documentation only.

Error descriptions are:

Nr. Error Description           - Explanation
1)  Unknown Error               - Error is not specified
2)  No peers found              - Peers were not found, this is combined with the HTTP Error Code 404 Not Found

Error 1) is always possible and is not listed in following requests.

ATTENTION: Any error message from the Peerinfo API (not REST API) can occur and can be returned in the error response. These responses are not listed here.


GET Request

Title Returns all peers and resolves their addresses
URL /peerinfo
Method GET
URL Params ?friend='friend' optional
Data Params none
Success Response Peerinfo Response or Response Code: 500 Internal Server Error
Error Response {“error”:”error_desc”} 2


Title Gets request options
URL /peerinfo
URL Params none
Data Params none
Success Response  
Error Response none